101 uses of automation

With Eedomus the possibilities are endless and extremely diversified! Hundreds of ways to serve you!

Choose the ones that bring you immediate benefits in time, money or security.

These ideas are to to stimulate your creativity, but your choices are unlimited!

Making life more comfortable

Making life more secure

Making life more affordable

Other home usages

Set up timers on fans and ventilators
Monitor humidity levels in your wine cellar
Control your domestic garbage calendar
Optimize the activity of your air extractor

Connect your meters

Monitor your photovoltaic production
Follow your electric counters with a conversion in EUR per day!
And be alerted in case of excess usage
Detect leakages with your water counter!

Equipment over-consuming power

Identify the affected equipment
Reduce use of stand-by mode
Turn-off dangerous equipment

Avoid renovations!

Move a switch to a better location
Transform a switch to a remote controlled one
Automate outdoor lighting
Create an automatic timer without major expense!

Making life more enjoyable

Automate your multimedia

Broadcast sound notifications
Control your UPnP diffusion
Automate your infrared commands
Switch on/off your outdoor speakers

A centralised hub

Easy to manage all your connected objects:
Netatmo, Hue, Karotz, XBMC, and more


For geeks!

Everything you need!
Monitor your internet connection, your equipment and materials
Write your own scripts
Discover 150 pratical guides written by advanced users

For Outside or Away

And the weather

Be alerted in cases of strong winds or rain
Dectect flooding or a heat wave
Build a giant thermostat

Your vacation house

Switch your boiler from summer to heating mode
Set portable heaters in thermostat mode or on-off mode
Freezing alerts
An ideal solution for expats!

Taking care of your pets

Monitor an aquarium (camera, temperature, lighting)
Opening sensor on pet doors

For Business

For your office or factory


Optimize the heating (the potential gain is enormous, up to 30%)
Monitor refrigerators, freezers, or stock temperatures
Keep an eye on production processes
Use of video cameras to monitor cash registers or as a deterance