How does it work?

With simple sensors and wireless controlled outlets, you can keep control of your home, using your smartphone. Wherever you are.

With the eedomus gateway, your devices become connected and your home smart.

Installing eedomus

Simple to achieve, the installation is usually done within 30 minutes. (Quick installation guide link)

1. Plug

Plug the eedomus gateway to your internet access (and power).

(ADSL, Cable, ….)

2. Connect

Create your account on the web portal link


Enter your serial number and add devices through the interface.

3. Use!

Use the eedomus portal link or the Apps for smartphones and tablets.


That’s all, your home is connected!

Enhancing experience


In a few clicks, add the programming thats suits your lifestyle. Plan actions and receive notifications on events.

Add devices

Choose the devices that suits your needs among more than 200 compatibles devices link.


Gain comfort and accessibility by customizing your interface according to your needs.



A large online documentation link is available.

Users' community

Join the eedomus user forum  link


Or search through the eedomus practical guides  link written by users.


A question, do not hesitate to contact technical support link

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