What is it?

eedomus is a home automation solution consisting of a gateway, applications and an optional cloud service. By adding compatible devices, you design the home automation solution that suits your needs.

The eedomus gateway

This is the heart of your connected home. Your gateway controls all your compatible devices.


  •   147 x 147 x 35 mm
  •   Consumption < 1 W


  •   1 Ethernet port
  •   2 USB ports
  •   4 wired ports


  • Z-Wave included
  • EnOcean (optional)
  • 433Mhz (optional)

Its compatible devices:

The eedomus gateway is open. You can use it with many compatible devices (*)

(*) List of compatible devices link

eedomus apps

You have a smartphone, a tablet, a Mac or a PC? Apps and web portal work on many devices.

Your smartphone is not of Apple-Android-Windows type? This is not a problem, HTML5 app will allow you to control your home in the best conditions.

Works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

Works with voice-enabled speakers !

Change your daily life:
eedomus is compatible with voice-enabled speakers such as Google Home (powered by the Google Assistant) or Amazon Echo (with Alexa)

The Google Assistant and Google Home are trademarks of Google Inc.
Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo are trademarks of Amazon.com Inc. or its subsidiaries

Cloud service

The eedomus cloud service is available for all. Complementary services (optional) allow you to do more with your data.

Remote access

The eedomus cloud allows you to access from wherever you are, to your secure eedomus environment.

Backup your data

The eedomus cloud backups your configuration for you and stores your sensors data or camera images.


The eedomus cloud monitors your gateway and notifies you of important events by email, SMS or push notifications.


Try now the eedomus interface (*) connecting to the web portal with the user demofr and the password demo. (*) Possibilities of the demo access are limited. They don’t demonstrate all the features of eedomus at the moment. You may try on Apps with the same credentials (eedomus on AppStore link, eedomus on PlayStore link)

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