101 uses of home automation

101 uses

With Eedomus the possibilities are endless and extremely diversified! Hundreds of ways to serve you!

Choose the ones that bring you immediate benefits in time, money or security.

These ideas are to to stimulate your creativity, but your choices are unlimited!

Remote control

Monitor and control your home, with a laptop or your smartphone, from whenever you are in the world!

Free Web access and App for Android, iPhone, and iPad

Pilotez votre domicile à distance

Automated lighting

Switch on-off many lights in 1 click
In the morning, your bedside lamp wakes you up
Automatic lighting on at sunset
Motion lighting, to avoid looking for a switch

Ramdom lighting to simulate a presence

Eclairage en couleur

Lighten in colors!

Set-up a colored lighting
Use a red lights for alerts
Add a variator to your lightings (with a compatible bulb)

Avoid renovation!

Move a switch to a better location without any work
Transform a switch in a remote controlled one
Automate outdoor lighthing
Create an automatic timer without work !


Control a roller shutter from distance
Open your gate with your smartphone
Centralize your opening roller shutters
Open your shutters from sunset


Simulate your presence to dissuade
Monitor your garden to anticipate
Intrusion monitoring to be informed
Check what is happening outside or inside
Monitor presences around home

Technical security

Be informed quickly by your smoke detector from distance
Detector of unfinished combustion (CO)
Detector of a power failure
Detector of freezing
Detector of flooding

Smoke alert on your smartphone

For fragile persons

Use a RFID swip card to trigger specific actions
An alert button to warn your relatives (wired or radio)
Alert lighting (red Led)
Night security lighting (to avoid to stumble)

For children

Switch on the night light without getting out of the bed
Use battery switch, of risks
Keep an eye when your children are back from school
Videocontrol babies in their beds

Optimisez votre chauffage avec eedomus

Optimize your energy expenses

Monitor temperature to consume less (1 degree = 7% expenses less)
Control your electric heatings
Plugg a controlled thermostat on your boiler
Adjust setpoint temperature according to the time, the day
Cut the heating when windows open

Highly consuming equipments

Identify the affected equipments
Cut the stand by mode
Stop dangerous equipments


Set up a timer
Monitor humidity in your wine cellar
Control your domestic garbage calendar
Optimize the activity of your air extractor

Connect your meters

Monitor your photovoltaic production
Follow your electric counters, globally
With a conversion in EUR-GBP per day!
And be alerted in case of excess usage
Detect leakages with your water counter!

Pour le jardin

For the garden

Automate your garden sprinklers
Be informed when first freezes arrive
Dectect when your plants need water
Automatize your swimming pool motor duration
Follow the swimming pool temperature

And the weather

Be alerted in cases of strong wind or rains
Dectect flooding
or a heat wave
Build a giant thermostat

Your vacation house

Switch your boiler from unfreeze to comfort mode
Portable heater in thermostat mode or on-off mode
Freezing alert

For animals

Monitor an aquarium (camera, temperature, lighting)
Monitor roundtrips of your pets: opening sensor, cameras

Connectez votre aquarium
Pilotez votre multimédia

Automate your multimedia environment

Broadcast sound notifications
Control your UPnP diffusion
Automate your infrared commands
Switch on/off your outisde speakers

For geeks!

Everything you need !
Follow your internet connection, your equipments and materials
Make the connexion with your connected objects easier: Koubachi, Netatmo, Hue, Karotz, XBMC, and more
Write your own scripts
Discover 150 pratical guides written by advanced users