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Connect your home!

The eedomus box simply connects your home. With different devices, you can see at home or launch commands in one clic. With the eedomus box, everyone can save time, gain comfort or security, in an easy way.

So simple!

The eedomus box is a home automation box which gives intelligence to your home. See the features of the eedomus box.

Simple to install

The main technology is wireless, so it is simple to install. The installation process takes usually less than 30 minutes for an eedomus pack (1 box eedomus + a couple of devices).

Simple to use

Your home can then be controlled with a smartphone, from anywhere. Compatible with your devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, MAC, ...
eedomus domotique facile

Comfort, savings, security: high versatility!

The eedomus box is highly versatile to offer your the uses that fit to your needs.

Security Peace of mind

- Intrusion detection - Monitoring of occupancy - Visualization by internal or external cameras - Discourage by the light simulation - Domestic Security: smoke, water leaks, carbon monoxide
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Comfort Lighting Openings

- Automate your lighting, saving time and everyday comfort - Reconfigurable a single click without work - Lighting at sunset, in light alarm clock, on motion of delay - Centralize control of your shutters, portal

Energy Savings

- Control your heating remotely and optimize - Follow your electricity consumption in your currency... - Identify devices with high consumption, turn appliances on standby - Be alerted in case of excessive water consumption (water leakage)
And many other things for the safety of children, for automated watering the garden, to manage your pool to monitor your wine cellar or cigar to ensure the freezer ... The first thing to do is start with a pack. Your needs and ideas to enrich themselves thereafter.

Compatible with hundreds of devices!

The box eedomus relies primarily on Z-Wave wireless technology ©. This technology is the most compatible radio protocol in the market. This compatibility allows you to find more choices of materials, all prices in various shops, and not to fear the obsolescence of a brand or a range. Using Z-Wave, you're not locked into a proprietary brand or retailer solution. Eedomus the box is also compatible with:
  • Numerous 433 MHz device (Oregon, …) with the extensions RFXCOM
  • EnOcean protocol, the batteryless protocol/li>
  • Dozens of IP cameras (automatic configuration for Axis brand)
  • And many connected objects having an API for developers
Système domotique évolutif avec eedomus

Evolution included!

In order to facilitate the first uses, there are many pre-programmed applications. You can then learn how to customize the automation and the interface according to your needs just in a few clicks. You have no limit but your imagination! To go further, there are dozens of guides for all needs, extensive documentation, user forums, and if needed, support eedomus will answer directly! You are not alone! Innovations are regularly offered. The new versions are deployed automatically! You can integrate innovative new objects: Karotz Koubachi ...

Free to choose!

The eedomus box gives you a choice of hundreds of devices. You can choose the interface. Eedomus graciously provides iPhone-iPad app, an Android app, and can be used from any modern web browser: Windows PC, Mac, other smartphone ... The variety of possible programming gives you a choice of automation without limits. With eedomus, you are not committed to compulsory monthly fee. You can use your system, control your home remotely view the camera images without paying anything more. A premium service is available to access to certain resources on the server platform (multi-year data storage, 10 GB of images, SMS, all for € 5.9 / month), but it is optional and affordable.
Open Home Automation with eedomus

Once you have tried eedomus, you won't do without!