Box eedomus – Product information

Box eedomus

The home automation Eedomus solution gives the opportunity to control your home from wherever you want on Internet or with a Smartphone.
The Eedomus solution is the best in order to drive your home distance. This product is a smart box that has been concepted and developed by the French company Connected Object.
box eedomus

Pervasive and powerfull, the eedomus box allows you, thanks to communicating devices to:

  • Automatize your daily and gain in time and comfort
  • Control your energy consumption and reduce your bill
  • Securize your home front many risks, and keep an eye on it from your smartphone

Thanks to Eedomus box, everyone can gain in time, comfort and security, of a cheap and simple way.


Comfort, Energy, Security: a multi-faceted box !

Multi-faceted, Eedomus solution contains many functions that permit to control all aspects of home with the help of devices: Energy, Security, Lighting, Opening, Cameras. Also remaining simple and reliable!


– Control of presences
– Use an outdoor or indoor camera
– Dissuade from lighting simulation
– Domestic Security: smoke, water leak, Carbon monoxide
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– Automatize your Lighthing of many ways
– Lighting at sunset, a lighting wake up, on motion
– Centralize the remote of your roller blinds, portal


– Pilot your heating from distance (Main residence, secondary, office)
– Follow your energy consumerism in Euro
– Identify big consumerism products in energy, switch off the devices when in battery saver mode
– Be immediately adverted in case of excessive water consumerism (water leak)

And many others things: for children security, for the garden watering, for the swimming-pool, to control your wine cave, the temperature of a freezer.

In order to make easier the installation proceeding, automatisms has been directly pre-programmed. After that, you can take the time to learn in sweetness and personalize in function of your needs in few clicks.
A fifties of guide books, a documentation furnished make the start much easier.

A compatibility with hundreds of equipments

Very simple to installe, without beigne an expert, thŽ Eedomus box of Connected Object is mainly using the technology Z-Wave ©.This technology is currently,the most opened radio protocol of the market, with hundreds of devices from tens of manufactures.

The Eedomus box is also compatible with:

  • Many 433 MHz devices (Oregon, …) thanks to RFXCOM extension (RFXCOM USB et RFXCOM LAN). The box control the xPL.
  • Tens of IP cameras (with automatic installation for Axis)
  • And many connected devices that have an API: Koubachi, Karotz, …

A premium service adapted to your needs

A premium service is available. It is totally optional.
The premium service(5,90€/month) without commitment, gives you the opportunity to use advanced functions of the product (as of July, 1st 2013):

  • the sending of SMS in case of alert,
  • the picture storage (10 Go)
  • the historic of your data during many years

Theese datas are stock up on, of a securized way by the Eedomus Cloud platform.

Everyone has his interface

The Eedomus application is available and free on:
  – iPhone, iPad
  – Android
  – Mobile website version
You can also use an Internet navigator (PC/MAC) to connect to your account through the Eedomus Cloud platform from wherever you want in the world.
The box also has a web server integrated. The emergency website can be used in case of Internet connection lost.

To alert you, the solution can send you:
  – E-mails
  – SMS (Premium service)
  – Notifications (proceeding)

The developpers will appreciate:
  – a double API (on the eedomus box, on the Eedomus Cloud plateform)
  – easy http interactions (Karotz, Koubachi, IPX, …) and a strong rules’ motor
  – interfaces can be personalized (icônes, organization)

It also exists applications compatibles with Eedomus developed by thirds for Android, iPhone.

Techniques characteristics

  – Multilinguages: English, French, Spanish
  – Control of the time zone
  – Control of the rights users
Internal characteristics:
  – Linux, Processor ARM9
  – Radio controller integrated Z-Wave (Europe 868 MHz for the European version)
  – Electric consumption: 1,5 Watt (and 1 Watt for the eletric adaptator)
  – 1 alimentation 230V/5V externe (furnished)
  – 1 Ethernet port (1 câble RJ45 furnished)
  – 2 USB port (for the support of other protocols and for the future evolutions)
  – An access router of Internet (compatible with all mobile operators with an Eternet port available.
  – A laptop is only necessary during the installation proceedings (and not useful for the functionment), with a compatible navigator.
Environmental conditions of use:
  – Indoor use, Temperature: 0-40°C, Relative humidity: < 80% without condensation

Eedomus is a product concepted and developed by Connected Object, Paris, France.